American history is full of notable events, which with the lapse of time have become national holidays, celebrated throughout the USA. Labor Day belongs to the list of the holidays, which enables American people to take or have a day off and enjoy the needed respire.

Labor Day falls on the first Monday of September and is usually associated with summer farewell parties, barbecues and more official celebrations like parades or music festivals.

History background

Back to history, the origin of Labor Day has several versions. The first backs up the fact that Peter J. McGuire was the main originator and inspirer of the idea of the annual observance of Labor Day. While others insist on Matthew’s Maguire important role in the establishment of Labor Day. One way or another, but we are thankful to have a day, the celebration of which helps us to honor achievements in economic and social spheres that American workers struggled for in the late 1880s.

Talking about early celebrations of Labor Day, we can’t but mention that at first it was on the local municipals level and was accompanied by peaceful strikes and inspiring speeches that were uniting all workers with one common interest – better working conditions. The year 1882, was the year of the first celebration of Labor Day organized by the Central Labor Union in New York. Further celebrations were traditionally held on the first Monday of September, encouraging honoring all the workers and making this day a legal national holiday. To the main objectives of the establishment of Labor Day as a national holiday also belonged the necessity to commemorate American workers, who managed to build a strong competitive nation during the years of industrial revolution.

Since 28th June 1894, the year when Labor Day was finally announced as a national holiday, it has been being observed with the aim to honor work and working conditions that we have thanks to great endeavors of labor unions and all workers, who were fighting for the sake of better future of their successors.

Unfortunately, nowadays Labor Day is less associated with honoring worker and more with saying goodbye to the summer holiday. However, it is still a day that allows all the employees to have a small vacation and rest from exhausting working routine. Don’t neglect the observance of holidays such as Labor Day, for example, as they are one of the means with the help of which we can identify who we were, who we are and who we will be in the future.