The essay on economic subjects is an obligatory work for all students of financial specialties. In order to create a good paper, you need to know the general principles of writing economic essays relying on the methodology of economics as a science. Devising a paper on finances is a rather complex yet very interesting task. These recommendations are suitable for writing papers on all areas of economic knowledge.

The purpose of the essay on financial topics is to test students' mastery of the course of economic theory and understanding of the basic mechanisms of the functioning of economic systems at macro and micro levels. It is important to remember that economic laws permeate all spheres of society's life. According to these laws, large enterprises, whole states, non-profit associations, and even individuals live and operate, that is, each person is essentially an economic entity. The economy is aimed to study the understanding of rules.


Before you start writing a text and drawing up a plan (structure), select a list of sources for the given topic. How to choose the books that are most suitable for your work? In this case, you should be guided by the availability of sources; if there is anything appropriate in your personal library, you can use it. Make a request in the university library, as well as on the Internet. If it is easy to find many books, you will have to make a comparative analysis and choose the most suitable ones. Check out if all used literature is relevant now.

When the list of sources is ready and its components are studied, you can proceed to write an essay outline. It is necessary to ensure that the points are equal in volume and informational richness. After drawing up the plan, go on to writing the work.


You need to describe the processes studied with the help of economic, scientific discourse, with which you met, studying literature and attending lectures in your paper. The style of writing should be scientific, not scientific-popular and not as in school essays. Use all kinds of tables and charts, and if statistics are provided this will be a big advantage for you. The graphical toolkit arranges the text, makes it visible, shows that you have rethought it and knew how to work with it. When writing an essay, it is extremely important to learn how and which empirical information and other sources are used. All data is correlated with a specific topic, problem, and question, so before using them, make sure that they correspond to the theme and issue.

When citing, always write the text in quotes and give an exact reference to the source. Do not forget to refer to the book or article, even if you pass the text in your own words, give a brief summary of it or rephrase it. Trying to give out other people's thoughts for your own will be considered as plagiarism. When the bulk of the work is ready, you can start writing the introduction and conclusion.


First, it is necessary to write a conclusion and then an introduction. Conclusions are simple summarizing, final clauses of the issues considered in the body of the text. You can formulate these conclusions as your own attitude to the problems under consideration. These ideas should not repeat the main text and be independent.

It must be remembered that this part of the paper is the logical completion of the work. It summarizes the results of the study, provides conclusions and (sometimes) recommendations. It is better to write it in the form of separate concise sentences. It is necessary to note not only positive results but also indicate the problems and shortcomings identified in the research process and formulate concrete proposals for their elimination too.

The introduction should always contain the following components: the relevance of the work, the object and the subject of research, the purpose and the base of sources. The relevance of the work on the economy lies in the connection of the phenomena in question with the current state of the case. That is, it must describe how these or other mechanisms, phenomena, problems exist and are being solved now. The literature review is the characterization of books from the list of sources; otherwise, it can be called the methodological basis of the work. In this case, it is necessary to describe the authors’ ideas, the references to which were given in the work, to indicate the main issues that they studied.


When writing a draft, your main task is to develop an argument, refine the basic ideas, and arrange them in a strict sequence, accompanying them with illustrative materials or auxiliary data, etc. Checking your text, pay attention to the following points:
• The order of sentences in each paragraph. The criterion is the consistency of presentation.
• Optimality of used words in content and style.
• The order of paragraphs.
• Necessity and sufficiency of the presented details, figures, and examples.
As you see, writing economics papers is not as difficult as it might seem. It is only necessary to show your interest and desire to deal with the issue. Such work will help you not only improve your grades in college but will also develop your analytical thinking skills.