Have your parents ever told how lucky you are to have so many opportunities to study in a comfortable and fast way in comparison to the times when they had to spend hours in libraries to first find and then learn the material? Life has dramatically changed since then and, obviously, modern students DO have much more convenient conditions of studying. Though, that convenience has resulted in another less positive aspect called a distraction. How to resist the temptation of the age of information and stay focused on your studies? 

The List of the Most Effective Habits

  1. Take notes. It’s quite tricky to rely only upon your memory, especially, when it comes to studying and preparation for exams. To manage your time rationally, use your lectures as a source of important information you’ll need later. Don’t miss a chance to take consistent notes during the lecture in order to retrieve from your memory necessary material any time you peep in your notebook.
  2. Stay focused. Each, without exception, the student is under threat of being distracted by the INTERNET, which is on the one hand, a great helper in the studying process and, on the other hand, the worst stealer of time. Not to be trapped by your connection to the Internet computer or phone, use these devices only in terms of education limiting your access to such websites as Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter during the study hours.
  3. Manage your study routine. To have enough time for class and extra curriculum activities, for before exams preparation and for rest, develop and improve your time management skills. Realistic study goals, the right division of commitments and regular study hours will help you cope with a sufficient amount of tasks without stress and exhaustion. Plan your days, write to-do lists and stay organized to succeed in your studies.
  4. Do everything on time. While spontaneous last-minute decisions are fun, the last minute studying is useless cram! Remember, the more you procrastinate the more failed tests are on your count. And don’t look for benefits of cramming as this method of studying must be argued separately. Apart from assisting SOME students in one-time favor, it has nothing to do with the REAL knowledge. Study systematically to not only seem but BE smart!
  5. Study but don’t over-study. Like shopaholics and workaholics are obsessed with shopping and work, stay away from becoming a “studyholic”. It is great that you enjoy learning and strive for improvement. Though, don’t bury yourself in books or, worse, become a bookworm sociopath, who is interested in nothing but getting the knowledge. Take some time for rest, for a walk with friends, for a chat with roommates. Harmonious existence is defined by the balance in everything, including studying.

In case you aren’t satisfied with your grades and don’t understand what has gone wrong, reconsider your study habits and your attitude to the studying process in general. Maybe there are some flaws in your study time arrangement, or wrong focus or you lack some rest. Everything should be done within reasonable limits. Find your limits and study habits to succeed!