Any questions concerning the date of observance, the closure/opening of offices and businesses, historic background and public life on Child Health Day are going to be discussed in the further 10 facts about Child Health Day.

10 incredible facts

  • Child Health Day is celebrated on the first Monday in October and in 2017 it falls on October 2nd.
  • Back to history, Child Health Day was initially celebrated on May 1st and only in 1960 the date was transferred on the first Monday of October.
  • The first Child Health Day Proclamations was issued by United Stated President Calvin Coolidge in 1928.
  • The adoption of Child Health Day holiday by Congress in 1928 was supported by the American Child Health Association and the American Federation of Labor and the General Federation of Women’s Clubs organizations.
  • Child Health Day is neither federal nor public holiday, which means it doesn’t belong to the category of paid holidays. However, it is not a reason for Americans not to observe the holiday nation-widely.
  • All banks, post offices, federal offices, shops, restaurants, malls and grocery stores DO work on the first Monday in October. Although, it is recommended to check on schedules of certain local businesses as they might operate on out-of-regular hours and have shortened working day on Child Health Day.
  • All the activities and events that take place on the first Monday in October are supported by health organizations such as the Health Resources and Services Administration, the Maternal and Child Health Library and others agencies, enterprises or people interested in child welfare.
  • Child Health Day is aimed at reminding the population about imminent health dangers many children are nowadays exposed to and providing adults and kids with educational resources, where such topics as healthy choices, the importance of going info sports, diseases’ prevention and etc. are revealed. 
  • On Child Health Day one can find lots of useful information on children’s health development, healthy nutrition, healthy lifestyle as well as take part in school projects and library seminars devoted to building a conscious attitude to kids’ health issues.
  • Such promotional materials as posters, information brochures and stickers with images of healthy active children are used as symbols of Child Health Day.

To raise awareness of the importance of children’s healthy growth and development together, to let others know about the events and activities held on October 2nd this year and encourage everyone to participate, use #ChildHealthDay while posting pictures/videos on social media. Our kids deserve to be healthy!