When you graduate from the college, the first and the most crucial task is to answer the question: should I move back home? Usually, you need at least two-three days to find the solution. However, many students are confused because they do not realize the criteria they should use to make a right decision. Therefore, we have collected, summarized, and analyzed more than one hundred different students’ opinions and cases to show you all the pros and cons of moving back home after your graduation.


Numerous students start to earn money during the first studying year. However, usually, it is a part-time job or a short-term weekend vacancy. When you finish your studying, you start to look for a new well-paid job. Even if you are lucky and get a desirable job, you might still have some financial problems. Different bills, insurance, flat renting, food, and entertainments require much more money than you had before. In this case, coming home from college might become a first-aid decision to deal with this problem. Of course, moving back home becomes possible when you have a chance to find a desirable vacancy there. Try to find something not far from your house, to be confident you will not spend too much time on traffic jams.
Pros: you can save or spend more money on personal necessities.
Cons: sometimes, it is difficult to find a well-paid job, and you lose a chance to become financially independent.

A gap year

Many students are frustrated and confused after their graduation. Often, they do not have a strict career strategy or an evident imagination of the following year. If you have such a problem, moving back home after college fits you. In this case, coming home from college will give you a set of advantages. First, you will have time to plan your nearest future and be confident that you have strong family support right now. Be sure that your parents want your both professional and personal well-being. Second, you will not have to work just for surviving and do things you do not like to do. Now, you will have time to figure out exactly what you want. Third, you will have enough time for improving yourself and looking for the best vacancy.
Thus, it means that moving back home for a year or less may become a helpful alternative to rethinking your plans and aims.
Pros: you will have a chance to think about long- and short-term goals, as well as build your further life strategy.
Cons: you need some time to renew your strength.


Our life is not only about career and money. Usually, when we enter college or university, it rarely happens that our close friends will study at the same institution or city. That is why moving back home is an excellent opportunity to reunite with your old close friends. Spending time together will help you to relax after a year of hard studying and sleepless nights. Furthermore, discussing your plans with your friends may bring you unexpected positive results. Often, you may have common goals. For instance, you dream to set up in business on IT. Your friend also thinks about it. Thus, you can make this start-up together. Furthermore, it is always much more comfortable to start something new when you are well familiar with the territory and people. As far as you see, moving back home is not necessarily a step backward, but often it may become a step forward.
Pros: coming home from college is always about past emotions, feelings, people.
Cons: be sure that moving back home will not bring you only bad memories and disappointments.

Family time

As we have mentioned, our life consists of many things. Perhaps, our family is one of the most vital one among them. What could be better than spending time together with your family after a long parting? Just imagine these cute family evenings with watching films and talking on different topics. Moving back home is always about positive family emotions and people we love. This atmosphere is useful for you especially when you feel the lack of confidence or full of doubts about your life goals. Your family can advise you not only how to build a successful career but also show you how to become a happy person, how to create a stable family relationship. Remember that time goes fast and moving back home is a great chance to enjoy it with your relatives and close people. Who knows, maybe it is the best free and unselfish thing we have in this life - parents' love. Of course, many argue that we should leave our comfort zone to achieve an outstanding result. However, moving back home does not mean personal degrading. Remember that you should develop your professional and personal hard and soft skills. In this case, coming home from college is your advantage not a drawback.
Pros: family members always inspire you and can give you priceless advice.
Cons: living with parents may be harmful to your independence and private life. Usually, after a few years in college and moving back home, you will have to get used not to break your home rules.

Conclusions: be patient

Each of us wants to reach successful results immediately. We are always in a hurry. An excellent salary becomes our primary criterion after graduation. However, do not drive yourself to exhaustion. In this case, moving back home is a functional variant for making a temporary stop. Do not be afraid "to stuck" at home. Listening to yourself is the best way to decide whether coming home from college is a right decision for you. However, please notice that moving back home has much more advantages than disadvantages, and many students are regretting now that they did not realize it when they had started their life path.