Closer to the end of November, people start to think more and more about celebrating Christmas. Arranging family visits, purchasing gifts, organizing festivities – all these things have to be thought of. However, for many people Christmas is not Christmas until there’s a Christmas tree standing in the living room. And when it comes to Christmas tree, the question may arise whether to buy a real or artificial one? On one hand, there’s nothing that can replace the scent of the real tree and on the other hand, artificial trees cost less in the long-term and are allergen free. Let’s take a closer look at all advantages and disadvantages of buying an artificial Christmas tree.

Pros of an artificial Christmas Tree:

  1. Price is more attractive in the long term. The most evident advantage of an artificial Christmas tree is its price in the long-term. Since real Christmas trees can be used just once, you will need to buy them every year, while a good artificial tree can be used for many years.
  2. Allergen Free. Artificial Christmas trees are a great choice for those who have allergies. Since real Christmas trees have to be watered in order to keep them from drying, they breed grounds for mildew and mold. Unlike the real trees, artificial ones are allergen free and don’t cause problems to people who suffer from allergies, have respiratory problems or asthma.
  3. No need to cleanup. On one hand, natural Christmas trees have a great scent because of their pine needles, but on the other hand, these same needles are a major source of headache. They fall and shed over the place and if you don’t clean them up on a daily basis, your place has all chances of turning into a mess. Also if you don’t water the tree, the needles will start to fall off much faster. However, there are no such problems with artificial trees.
  4. You can buy a pre-decorated tree. Of course real trees are great, but you can only buy a bare green tree for sale. When it comes to artificial trees, you have much more possibilities, because you can buy an upside-down tree, a pink tree or a tree that is covered with snow. You can also buy a pre-decorated tree if you don’t feel like decorating it anew every year. 




Cons of an Artificial Christmas Tree:

  1. No smell. For people who like Christmas trees because of the pine tree smell, artificial Christmas trees are not an option. The only possibility here is to spray an artificial tree with a pine tree scent.
  2. Ability to buy a perfect tree. Since real trees are all different, for some people choosing a perfect Christmas tree becomes a ritual. Of course, it’s not an advantage for those who don’t like to spend hours choosing a real Christmas tree.
  3. Artificial trees may be flammable too. They can be also a source of fire hazard, although some artificial trees are fireproof. 



Whatever type of Christmas tree you choose, make sure that you follow all necessary safety guidelines. Have a Merry Christmas!