Mobile phones have experienced a real evolution. Not long ago, people could not imagine that these gadgets could have functions that are almost equal to the capabilities of the computer. Digital technologies are improving at an incredible pace. Games for smartphones have changed too, their graphics, sound and special effects have improved. Many people like to get distracted from the routine with a fascinating puzzle or arcade. Here is the list of the best games for the Android operating system.

List of the Best Games for the Android Operating System

  • Minecraft

This game is known all around the world and is very popular among teenagers and young people. The essence of the game is in constructing your world, which includes buildings, objects and other elements of the game. The player will have to fight with enemies and survive in difficult conditions. There is an opportunity to develop your creative potential by inventing different beings, relying on your own imagination. If you have never played this game, you should download it on your Android smartphone. In addition to the mobile version, there is also a computer version of this game, as well as a program designed for the installation on a tablet.

  • Monument Valley

This game will be a wonderful entertainment for the fans of puzzles. You will need to solve conundrums and go through different levels of difficulty. Everyone can download this application for only $ 3.99.

  • Pokemon Go

Millions of teenagers became anime fans thanks to the cartoon Pokemon in the late 90s. The time had passed, and the popularity of the animated series had subsided, but everything changed in 2016. "Pokémon" as a phenomenon has found its past glory in the form of the game for the smartphone. The essence of this application is in the ability to stay in the real and virtual worlds at the same time. A person must navigate the familiar streets of the city and try to catch as many creatures as possible on the screen of his or her phone. The game has many fans around the world. Although today the number of regular users has slightly decreased, developers are constantly improving the application, making it more interesting and exciting.

  • Riptide Gp Renegade

What can be more exciting than street racing at crazy speed? Many youth films took this phenomenon as the basis of their plots. You have the opportunity to be in the role of a racer. This game simulates a real street race. You will definitely like high-quality graphics, sound design and the ability to perform incredible stunts. It should be noted that this application is paid, but this fact is the advantage for users because there is absolutely no advertising that could clog your phone.

  • Pubg Mobile

This application is created for the fans of adventures and action movies. You and the other participants are on the island after the plane crash. A struggle for survival begins between you and other people. Only the strongest player will win. This program has been downloaded more than 6 million times. It is one of the most popular games today.

  • Rollercoaster Tycoon

This game was designed for people who like simulators. The huge advantage of this application is in the fact that you do not need to invest real money in the development of your characters. You have to project and build an amusement park, develop it and attract visitors in this game.

  • The Room

This is a series of games that will suit real lovers of puzzles. Your task is to escape from the building. Each stage of the game is presented in the form of a new room, in which you need to solve the puzzle.

  • Fz9 Timeshift

This game will certainly be interesting to the fans of shooters. Here you have to fight with enemies, defend and attack  This application works according to a fairly simple principle – when you stop, all the characters around you stop their actions too, but as you start moving forward, enemies begin to attack and fire at you from all sides. Playing this game, you will get the extra charge of adrenaline. The perfect graphic design will please even the most demanding players.

  • Iron Marines

If you like science fiction and films about space, you should try to play Iron Marines. The plot is classic. Your planet is attacked by an army of alien warriors with whom you must fight. There are many similar computer games, but at the same time, there are very few applications for smartphones that could be compared to Iron Marines.

  • Motorsport Manager Mobile 2

Here is another application for the fans of simulators. You have to become a manager and organize the process of racing. In addition to the technical part of this activity, you will also need to fill out legal documents and meet business partners. This game allows you to immerse yourself in the virtual world.

  • Shadow Fight 3

If you love battles, this game will surely please you. The incredibly high quality of graphic design will give the impression that real ninjas are fighting on the screen of your smartphone. You can create spectacular combinations with just one finger touch.

  • Nba 2k18

This is the best basketball simulator. The programmers created this game for true connoisseurs of sports. You will be pleased with the good quality of images, perfect soundtracks and a huge selection of modes.

  • Vista Golf

If the previous game conveys the whole essence of basketball as accurately as possible, this program shows an unreal, fantastic golf. Agree, even though it is quite an aristocratic sport, golf is a rather boring activity. However, you have to overcome a lot of obstacles in order to get the ball in the hole in Vista Golf.