The first Sunday that follows Labor Day is devoted to Grandparents Day celebration. These ideas will undoubtedly help you in honoring your grandparents in a good way!

Why is it essential to observe Grandparents Day?

Grandparents Day History

Marian McQuade wanted to establish a special national day for revering grandparents and regarding them with great respect. A campaign concerning this issue started in 1970. McQuade tried to raise awareness about citizens that are senior throughout the 1970s. As a result, President Jimmy Carter announced officially that the first Sunday after Labor Day should be National Grandparents Day. Apart from that, the president issued a proclamation each year, so that the tradition kept going.

In 2012, President Obama, showing the pride in observing the prolific contributions of grandparents that make our lives happier and better, declared a proclamation that regards National Grandparents Day. In his announcement, Obama stated that throughout the history of our country, grandparents taught their children as well as grandchildren how to do their best. It is no secret that for a lot of us, grandparents have become caregivers. In addition, they assisted us to make our families stronger. What is more, being compassionate and wise, grandparents improved our lives by telling different stories that concerned those who came before us.

Our grandparents achieved a lot due to pursuing the progress. Taking into consideration the fact that they were really helpful in shaping the country that is now loved by us, grandparents also shaped many of us into various individuals. Actually, grandmothers and grandfathers made an impact on each part of our society, therefore, we ought to pay much attention to them and treat them kindly. Grandparents deserve our gratitude so much.

Activities and gifts

It is significant to appreciate all the benefits that grandparents give us!

Lots of schools prefer celebrating Grandparents Day by taking part in different activities, assemblies. Moreover, students practice inviting their grandparents into the school for one day, so that their beloved grandparents can take advantage of an opportunity to celebrate this day in a creative way thanks to their grandchildren.

For almost all grandparents it does not matter what activity they do. They simply would like to spend some time together with their grandchildren. Thus, you can ask your grandfather and grandmother to tell you about their favorite hobby, for example.

Getting cards or gifts is quite spread among grandparents on Grandparents Day. Frankly speaking, most grandparents will agree that a handwritten card is one of the most valuable gifts.

Another amazing gift is taking your grandparents to some wonderful place where they can have fun. If your grandfather likes football, for instance, you can buy tickets and later admire his favorite team with you as a company. To add, you could ask your grandparents to teach you some interesting and necessary skill. It might be learning how to fish.

Happy Grandparents Day to all of you!