The Essence of Eye Contact


Since visual perception is a dominant one for most people, the role of eye contact with non-verbal communication is difficult to overestimate. The way you look at someone can convey a lot of information, including interest, affection, hostility, or attraction. Eye contact is also important for maintaining a smooth conversation, as well as evalua...

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Why Students Plagiarize


Many people think that plagiarism is copying artwork or borrowing the original idea of another person. However, terms such as "copying" and "borrowing" do not reproduce the content of this phenomenon. Plagiarism occurs when someone uses the words, ideas, statements, information or illustrations of another person, but does not recognize this fact...

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From High School to College: 8 Useful Tips


Studying at school may be great, but studying at college is even greater! Just believe us. If it is your last year at school - go on reading! Many surveys claim that a lot of school graduators face plenty of problems when they start looking for a desirable college. Thus, we have analyzed and summed up the most frequently asked questions and issu...

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The Main Benefits of Writing Assignments


When you are a student, you are likely to face various assignments and essays for different study programs, education courses, and academic requirements. There is much debate about assignments during college or school days, in particular, whether should students be given them or not. The arguments and thoughts about assigning in school vary sign...

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How to Deal with Manipulators


Everyone in their lives has dealt with manipulative people as we meet different kinds of people in our lives. The negative people are inevitable for sure; they are around us and everywhere. We are unable to remove their presence in our lives but we do can protect ourselves from these toxic personalities. Read on and find out how to deal with a m...

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