The Essence of Eye Contact


Since visual perception is a dominant one for most people, the role of eye contact with non-verbal communication is difficult to overestimate. The way you look at someone can convey a lot of information, including interest, affection, hostility, or attraction. Eye contact is also important for maintaining a smooth conversation, as well as evalua...

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The Main Benefits of Writing Assignments


When you are a student, you are likely to face various assignments and essays for different study programs, education courses, and academic requirements. There is much debate about assignments during college or school days, in particular, whether should students be given them or not. The arguments and thoughts about assigning in school vary sign...

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Facts about the Appearance of Thanksgiving Day


While the vast majority of America’s population associate Thanksgiving Day with food feasting, family time, football watching and eating a turkey, most of them have never known that modern celebrations of the holiday have a little resemblance with primary traditions and circumstances of the establishment of this popular feast. Read the fol...

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Facts about the History of Native Americans


Native Americans are the peoples who inhabited the territory of the modern US and other countries of North and South America until the 20th century. Sometimes the modern inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands and Alaska are also mistakenly called the Native Americans. Representatives of various Indian nationalities live in America today, but number...

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